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There WAS a recount in 2012!

(special thanks to Teresa MacIsaac for donating her photography talent to document this event)

As the end of the 2012 Awards Dinner and Auction neared, there was a mad scramble behind the scenes. 

A small team of trusted helpers tried frantically to add up all the donations that had just come in. The goal was to announce a rough total of funds raised toward helping needy families before the event ended. 

It was a lot to ask, and the team did a tremendous job, as always. Yet when a total of $70,000 was finally announced, we were surprised to be $10,000 short of our goal. 

This initial rough count is never 100% perfect. It can't be when it has to be done in about 30 minutes. But it's usually gives us a pretty good ballpark figure to announce at the end of the event.

However, this year, a typical small mistake made a MUCH BIGGER DIFFERENCE than usual. There was a sizable 12-month recurring pledge for which we only counted one month. 

In the days following the event, as we did our more …