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The story behind PACS new logo

Updated 2/4/14: here is the brand presentation video created by Fiction:

Scott and Chrissy Petersen were not sure what to expect when they arrived at the 2009 PACS Awards Dinner & Auction. They entered the room and found their seats. It looked like many of the other charity events they had seen.

But Scott & Chrissy soon realized that PACS wasn't just another organization. They heard the stories of people who were served. They learned about the food pantry model that helps people choose their own food. They learned about the clinic and the doctors that volunteer their time to help uninsured patients maintain their health. They learned about the thrift store where low-income families could purchase food and household goods for as low as $0.25.

Scott, grew up in a community that had a large portion of its population struggling with economic hardship. His family often helped families who were going through difficult times. They would assist with charity events, deliver firewoo…