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The story behind PACS new logo

Updated 2/4/14: here is the brand presentation video created by Fiction:

Scott and Chrissy Petersen were not sure what to expect when they arrived at the 2009 PACS Awards Dinner & Auction. They entered the room and found their seats. It looked like many of the other charity events they had seen.

But Scott & Chrissy soon realized that PACS wasn't just another organization. They heard the stories of people who were served. They learned about the food pantry model that helps people choose their own food. They learned about the clinic and the doctors that volunteer their time to help uninsured patients maintain their health. They learned about the thrift store where low-income families could purchase food and household goods for as low as $0.25.

Scott, grew up in a community that had a large portion of its population struggling with economic hardship. His family often helped families who were going through difficult times. They would assist with charity events, deliver firewoo…

PACS COW mobile pantry helps back to school dad

Giovanni was tired of struggling to make ends meet when he decided to go back to school to further his career. Unfortunately, going to school is not so easy when you have a young family. When an accident left Giovanni with a severe head injury it was too much. The family was going to need help.

Giovanni is still in school. He had to change his major after the accident, but he's determined to continue and get a degree. In the meantime, he is thankful for some of the programs that are sustaining basic needs for Jacqueline, Alex, and himself. Among these is the PACS COW (commodities on wheels) Mobile Food Pantry. In the crowded downtown area, Giovanni and Jacqueline have many resources close by, but sometimes the great need in that area exceeds the resources, or makes them difficult to access. CitySanctuary partners with the PACS COW, providing volunteers and the leverage of their relationship with the Portland Housing Authority, to help solve that problem. The organizations collabor…

The Beacon Project, Part 1: Signage/Lettering Upgrades

The paint job, signage, and other exterior elements at PACS have surpassed their lifespan. While the high level of need over the past few years has kept us focused elsewhere, we are now at a place where we can no longer ignore the blight our facilities are rapidly becoming on the neighborhood.

That's why we have launched the Beacon Project, aimed at making PACS a visual beacon, rather than a blight, in our neighborhood. The goal is to complete all elements of the Beacon Project this summer.

The Beacon Project includes the following fixes and improvements: Improve/replace exterior lettering and signageRaise/replace main building facadeReplace current windows with energy-efficient, double-paned windowsRe-paint both buildings (colors not yet chosen) In this post, I want to share a couple concept plans we have put together for the signage/lettering part of this project. The purpose of this specific improvement is to 1) take better advantage of the marketing advantage being located on a…