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PACS COW mobile pantry helps back to school dad

Giovanni was tired of struggling to make ends meet when he decided to go back to school to further his career. Unfortunately, going to school is not so easy when you have a young family. When an accident left Giovanni with a severe head injury it was too much. The family was going to need help.

Giovanni is still in school. He had to change his major after the accident, but he's determined to continue and get a degree. In the meantime, he is thankful for some of the programs that are sustaining basic needs for Jacqueline, Alex, and himself. Among these is the PACS COW (commodities on wheels) Mobile Food Pantry. In the crowded downtown area, Giovanni and Jacqueline have many resources close by, but sometimes the great need in that area exceeds the resources, or makes them difficult to access. CitySanctuary partners with the PACS COW, providing volunteers and the leverage of their relationship with the Portland Housing Authority, to help solve that problem. The organizations collabor…