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Keeping food on the table: Jessica's story

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas, and we want to wish you a Happy New Year!

As we go into the new year, one important resolution is to continue to help people right here in our own neighborhood who are facing new challenges.

In spite of the improving economy, the a decreasing risk of hunger nationwide, Oregon is proving to be an exception. Here, the rate is actually rising. The number of children threatened by hunger in our state is greater than the population of Eugene. That’s a lot of kids. No child should have to face a day of school on an empty stomach.

A big part of this problem is likely related to skyrocketing rent costs in the Portland area, which are putting new financial strains on families.

PACS helps ease this burden by providing groceries to families who are struggling. Jessica & Mark are the parents in one of these families. They have three daughters, including 7-month-old Mercy. Mark works full-time at a restaurant, but his wages are very low. The family can ra…