Keeping food on the table: Jessica's story

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas, and we want to wish you a Happy New Year!

As we go into the new year, one important resolution is to continue to help people right here in our own neighborhood who are facing new challenges.

In spite of the improving economy, the a decreasing risk of hunger nationwide, Oregon is proving to be an exception. Here, the rate is actually rising. The number of children threatened by hunger in our state is greater than the population of Eugene. That’s a lot of kids. No child should have to face a day of school on an empty stomach.

A big part of this problem is likely related to skyrocketing rent costs in the Portland area, which are putting new financial strains on families.

PACS helps ease this burden by providing groceries to families who are struggling. Jessica & Mark are the parents in one of these families. They have three daughters, including 7-month-old Mercy. Mark works full-time at a restaurant, but his wages are very low. The family can rarely get through the month without coming up short on groceries and needing help from the PACS Food Pantry.

Jessica, and 7-month-old Mercy, are thankful for the help they receive from people who donate to PACS. Those gifts help them keep food on the table for themselves and the rest of their family.
Thankfully, PACS is there to keep them from going hungry. And Jessica had a message for PACS' donors and volunteers who made it possible for her to keep food on the table: "Thank you for helping my food cupboard stretch! It really makes a difference," she said.

As we reflect on the Christmas holiday we have just experienced, we can't help but remember the time when, two thousand years ago, three wise men traveled across a continent to provide relief to a very special baby boy and his parents, who were at risk. The gifts they gave probably helped Mary and Joseph keep food on the table during their exile in Egypt, until they were able to return to Nazareth and get back on their feet.

Their story is not unlike the many families in the Portland area who are facing hunger, eviction, or other hardship due to skyrocketing rent costs.

The good news is, you can help. Your gift of love today can bring significant relief to a child, adult, or family in the Portland area, lowering the barriers to getting back on their feet caused by inadequate food or health care access.

You can donate at our website, or mail a check to PACS, 11020 NE Halsey St, Portland, OR 97220. At PACS, 93 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to programs that help people in need. If you read this before the new year, any donation submitted on our website before midnight on December 31 will count towards the 2016 tax year. Similarly, if you mail a check, and it is postmarked before the end of 2016, we will receipt it for the 2016 tax year, according to IRS guidelines.

Thank you so much for considering a gift to help someone in need! May God bless you with a Happy New Year!


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