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Beacon Project Update

While there is still a lot of money to raise, PACS has been able to complete portions of the The Beacon Project with money already received.


Signage and lettering upgrades are complete. The improvements integrate the new logo which was designed by a major marketing firm called Fiction. The firm donated that design to PACS at no charge.

Signage upgrades were funded through an Urban Renewal Grant from the Portland Development Commission, PACS individual donors, PACS individual donors, and PACS internal funds.

Here are some pictures of the improvements:


You can also see the new paint in the above picture. The main color on the building is complete, and portions of the blue trim are done. While it has been too cold to finish the job for several months, we except to finish up the trim in the spring as soon as weather permits.

We want to thank Powell Paint Company for securing a 50% discount for us, as a non-profit cause, on the Benjamin Moore paint we purchased for the building…